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Introducing The City Space


I’ve been posting here for a few weeks without a formal introduction, so let’s roll.

Welcome to the City Space. I’m Rachel and I’m about to graduate from college. I’ve always loved cities (something I particularly realized after spending most of my college years in a small town). As I consider a future oriented toward serving others, I am compelled by cities because they exist at the vital intersection of countless social justice issues. I have been privileged to work at a few different organizations (both national and local) that address urban development issues, however, there’s a lot more that I want to learn. So here I am.


I know that starting a blog these days is as routine as joining a gym and, like joining a gym, it’s easily forgotten or abandoned. However, this blog will be anything but routine, and I promise not to abandon you, my readers. I’m an interdisciplinary activist so I want to include everything from interviews to thoughtful reflections to book reviews to analyses of current policy—all with the goal of promoting intelligent, creative discussion on the current state of our cities. I hope you’ll join me by adding your input and sharing your urban experiences. I’m returning home to Minneapolis, MN for the summer (with some other city visits throughout), and then relocating to a to-be-determined East Coast city New York City for a service year come fall. I live and breathe urban spaces, and that’s why you can be assured that I won’t stop writing about them any time soon.

I’ve already posted a short essay about running in the city, a review of the film Cosmopolis (with a focus on urban class differentials), and a reflection on the presence of “signature foods” in certain cities. Take a look and expect new posts every few days. Thanks for being here.

New York City


4 thoughts on “Introducing The City Space

  1. Rachel I think you should look up my old classmate and activist Ann Wilcox. You might be very interested in what she’s doing. So excited to read. I’m in Sedona thinking of the fun Passover we had. So glad you’ll be around this summer


  2. Congratulations on getting this going! I’m proud of you.

    Also, if you haven’t yet, listen to this:

    I’d be very surprised if you couldn’t pull some discussion fodder from it. 🙂


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