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Summer City Goals


Graphic by Michael Quednau

I just graduated from college and I’m heading home today. Here’s what I hope to accomplish this summer (in addition to a nannying job):

1. Read at least five books about urban development or planning.

2. Take more photos in the city.

3. Spend time in new neighborhoods.

4. Travel to see family in Houston, TX and Salt Lake City, UT.

5. Go for lots of after-dinner walks with my family in our neighborhood.

6. Visit a farmer’s market every week (and try new ones).

7. Become confident driving stick-shift on city streets and highways.

8. Run a half marathon in my city. (Already signed up for the Minnesota Half on August 3.)

9. Send letters to friends and family in other cities.

10. Volunteer with the Minneapolis nonprofit that made me who I am.

Click HERE to read my end-of-summer assessment about these goals.


5 thoughts on “Summer City Goals

  1. This is a spectacular list. Glad to see such a concrete set of goals for the summer


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