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Fun for Free

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Washington DC's pride parade last summer

Washington DC’s pride parade last summer

It’s getting to those hot hot days of summer, but resist the urge to curl up in your air-conditioned room and venture out into the city instead. Cities (and towns) can provide an awesome array of free activities to occupy your summer days. Here’s a smattering of options:

  1. Cool off with free pools, lakes, and spray zones. Even if the only thing near you is a wading pool, I say go for it.
  2. Unless you live in Washington DC, your nearby museums probably cost a small fortune to visit on a normal day, but if you’re lucky, they have also set aside a day or two out of the month when you can visit for free.
  3. Outdoor movies are becoming more and more popular in cities around the country. They’re usually family friendly events where you simply bring a blanket or a lawn chair and camp out in a local park for a couple hours.
  4. In the same vein, you can often find free outdoor concerts in your city or town.
  5. Every outpost of civilization takes pride in something—whether that’s sweet onions or SPAM—and thus its citizens deem it necessary to hold a festival to honor that item. These festivals usually take place in the summer and unless they’re a huge deal, they won’t charge an entrance fee.
  6. If your city has any sort of community education programs, chances are they offer some free classes and events throughout the summer. Libraries also tend to offer similar programming.
  7. Farmers markets are an excellent place to purchase food, but they’re also quite entertaining sites for people watching, music and sometimes cooking demos—all of which are free.
  8. And of course, with Independence Day tomorrow, you can be sure that your city is offering free fireworks and probably a parade or two as well.

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