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I wrote earlier this summer about how to explore a new city but there’s also something remarkable about exploring your own city and this is an activity we often forget about.

Last week I went for a run with a friend (in preparation for our half marathon tomorrow) along the river in St. Paul, Minnesota. I realized that I had never—in 22 years of living in Minneapolis—seen this side of town. I had never taken in these breathtaking bluffs, barges sending out their wares down the Mississippi, old factories and new developments. Everything was fresh and beautiful.

Even in my own neighborhood, I’ve been discovering new bars and cafes simply by looking or being introduced to them by friends. This weekend I encourage you to take a brief adventure in your neighborhood. Turn down a new street. Investigate a store you’ve never entered before. Make an effort to walk instead of drive and I guarantee you’ll notice something surprising and exciting.


3 thoughts on “It’s right in front of you

  1. Great, great advice. Thank you for the reminder!


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