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I’m heading out of New York for the first time in two months this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited—mostly because I’m visiting another favorite city and some favorite people—not because there’s anything wrong with New York. But before I leave, I wanted to share this outstanding resource with you.

On a recent visit to the Guggenheim, I came across a fascinating, perceptive exhibit entitled “100 Urban Trends.” Actually, my dad told me about it a few weeks ago because he’s connected to the art world and thus knows about these things. So I went to the Guggenheim to check it out and, not only was it well worth the trip to see in person, but it also introduced me to a website associated with the exhibit that I can now share with you.

The website– —is a glossary of concepts pulled from interviews and projects that the BMW Guggenheim Lab (a traveling workshop) implemented in Berlin, New York City and Mumbai. It actually adds up to 300 urban trends—100 from each city—encompassing everything from “Activist Citizen” to “Food Education” to “Vacant Space.” On the web interface, you simply click on the titles to read a short description, an explanation of how the term came to be, and a list of related terms.  I wish my own lexicon was this cool. Anyway, I invite you to check it out even if you only click on a couple words. You’ll definitely learn something new.

In conclusion and totally unrelated, I must give a shout-out to my brother who was born nineteen years ago today. Happy birthday, bro. I don’t know where I’d be without you (and my blog would be bland without your design expertise, too). Have a fantastic weekend ya’ll.


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