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Hey friends, some of you occasionally offer ideas for future posts on this blog, and for that I thank you. Please send more! We’re heading into that dreary, endless portion of winter and I’d love to post fresh content that interests you ASAP. So leave a comment here or email me (rachelquednau [at] gmail [dot] com) with your thoughts.



5 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

  1. Have I recommended Radiolab’s “Cities” to you yet? If not, give it a listen (—I’m sure a brilliant mind like yours could find something to reflect on within its hour. 🙂

    Also: cohousing as the best solution to our cities’ housing and inclusion ills?


  2. Oh! Suggestions: City life in the snow.
    City snow removal approaches are a new facet of my life because I’ve learned that St Louis’s approach is the “no approach” approach, to just let everything close; which the mid-atlantic dweller in me (used to chemical salts, rock salts, cinders, and snow plows) thinks is absurd.

    Does any snow slow NYC down?


    • I completely feel you. People freak out about the snow here and they don’t know how to handle it in the way that us cold-climate dwellers do. On the other hand, I’ve been impressed that they actually have plows here, and most people own shovels, scrapers, etc. Also, the flipside of being somewhere warmer is that when it does get cold, people feel no shame in bundling up to the max, which is the way I prefer to live (boots, mittens, hats, hoods, scarves on scarves). Finally, I enjoy the fact that I don’t have to drive in this weather, and that the subway basically runs normally, even in the snow and ice. I wish I’d gotten a snow day in the midst of all of this…Also, when did you move to St. Louis?


      • We moved a month ago, and live in a small town across the river, Granite City, IL- but I “work” in St Louis, except not really because I’m going on 4 in a row snow days because the city really can’t handle its snow (I think also the cold factors into in, because they don’t want small children standing at buss tops and walking around in such cold weather.) But yep; glad NY is treating you well this winter!


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