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2013 was a year of big changes. I finished college, started a new job, moved to a new city (the city), found a new church, and I figured things out with the person I love. It was also a year of witnessing changes in the people around me: my brother started college, family members relocated, friends endured hardships and I tried to stand by them. I spent more time at home in Minnesota than I have in years. I also made new friends and rediscovered old ones in a completely new place. That was 2013.

New Years isn’t usually a time that invites much reflection in me (so this post will be short). In the past, I’ve spent the holiday quietly with family; maybe the ball drops in the background on television and we sip a few mouthfuls of champagne. In place of resolutions, I’ve preferred to set summer goals that exist in a more limited time frame and seem more manageable (and fun) than an entire year’s worth of commitment to accomplishment. Don’t get me wrong: I have ambition. But it doesn’t take the shape of a grand list from which to check off items in order to feel fulfillment. The fulfillment comes from compassion and drive in every single action.

Still, with everyone around me determined to set goals, a few have floated nebulously in my mind. They are simple: get the next job (mine ends in August), get to the right place geographically (Chicago? Milwaukee? Queens?), and keep figuring out what I should be doing. With a little luck, these objectives will come naturally, but it’s an intentional attitude that will shape the best and most meaningful outcomes. Perhaps that is the goal this year (and every year): to be intentional about my decisions and guided by my values.

Now let’s rock 2014.

Photo: The Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis last summer


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