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Why I Love My Neighborhood

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I love my neighborhood because…

  • Children live here. They walk to school with their mothers and fathers in the morning (bundled up with many scarves, mittens, jackets during the winter; kicking soccer balls down the street in the summer). Grandmothers and grandfathers also live here, buying mangos at the produce stand on the corner, chatting with friends at the drug store. Teenagers live here too. They play music on the sidewalk, flirt with their classmates and skateboard down the dead-end streets. Everyone belongs.
  • The corner store is always open for that midnight milk run. (There is NOTHING worse than pouring a bowl of cereal at 7 in the morning only to discover that you are out of milk.)
  • I’m near three significant subway lines and several bus routes. My commute is only 20 minutes door to door, and that is a gift I value every single day.
  • I’ve got friends down the hall and friends down the block, close enough for an evening stroll to the best taco joint in the area, or a quick drink at one of the local bars.
  • It’s a tad quieter than the rest of New York. We’re our own little space outside the compacted busy-ness of the city, yet still close enough to get there in a matter of minutes.
  • I always feel safe here. Even when I get off the train at 1am on a Saturday night, dozens of people get off the train with me and disperse to their homes. You’re never alone.
  • It’s right next to the Hudson River and the glorious trails of Riverside Park, where families hold picnics, and bikers and runners enjoy miles of open path.
  • My church is only 20 minutes away.
  • This is an intersection between multiple neighborhoods and so many different people pass through here every day.
  • I can walk to the Laundromat in my sweatpants and a t-shirt, drop my clothes off and walk back in a matter of minutes. It’s as if the sidewalks and businesses are an extension of my home. I feel comfortable here. Everything is within reach.

Now it’s your turn. What do you love about your neighborhood?

(Here are some more questions to get you thinking: How does your neighborhood make you feel? Why do you fit in there? How does it look, sound, smell, taste, feel? How did you end up there in the first place and why have you stayed? Who lives in your neighborhood? How does your neighborhood fit into your city?)


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