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Around the Block – Links from the Week, 7/18/14

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Around the Block - Links from the Week

Relevant stories in the world of cities and their residents.

  • If you’ve ever set foot in a library, it’s likely that you’ve come across a homeless person using the bathroom or the computer. This Reuters article talks about how libraries are on the “front line” in the fight against homelessness, offering services, meals and safety. But they also have their not-in-my-backyard critics. Read about it here.
  • You may have read about how the Detroit government shut off water to 100,000 of its residents. This story in The Atlantic covers the details of how that’s impacting day to day life in Detroit. My own posts about Detroit can be found here and here.
  • In the midst of unceasing violence that makes me question when peace will ever truly exist in the Israeli-Palestinian region, I found this NPR story about Israelis and Palestinians breaking fast together after their respective religious observances particularly significant and moving.
  • Speaking of religion, a “dinner church” is blurring boundaries between rich and poor, religious and non-religious in Brooklyn, NY. Read the story here.
  • I discovered a blog called Pattern Cities yesterday and I’m finding it the perfect place to learn about how cities’ ideas spread around the world. You might be interested if you like geography or politics.
  • Finally, a New York story that made national headlines: The Long Island Rail Road workers, who operate the most trafficked commuter rail in the nation, ferrying some 300,000 people back and forth every day, almost went on strike. Things were looking pretty grim for all parties until an eleventh hour deal was solidified between the unions and the government.

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