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Rachel Q at the High Line

As my departure from New York City nears (1.5 weeks left!), I’m doing a lot of packing and a lot of goodbyes – to both places and people. It’s a busy time, as any move is, but I wanted to take a moment to share with you a slice of the posts inspired during my year here.

  • My first big reflection came in the form of this essay entitled, “My Role in Gentrification.” It’s still something I think about every day here, and my insights about this key urban issue will stick with me in cities far beyond New York.
  • Soon after arriving, I realized the need to cultivate calm and quiet in this bustling place, so I wrote about how to live a simple life in a complicated city.
  • I also faced some moments where I wasn’t so thrilled to be in New York.
  • In November, I reflected upon my family’s history coming to this country from Germany during the Holocaust, and settling in a neighborhood very near to where I live in New York City. And I recognized how it affects me to this day.
  • By February, I’d been here long enough to have built a knowledge base of skills for New York City life, as well as some areas I could still stand to improve upon (For the record, I can report that I definitely got better at #1 and #3, but I have made my peace with the fact that I will never successfully walk in 3-inch heels all day.)
  • In the spring, I shared a list I had been working on all year: my New York bakery list! I sampled so many tasty treats over the last year and it was fun to have this little quest to guide me. I ended up continuing the quest for my remaining months here, trying the pastries at Baked in Brooklyn, Bouchon Bakery and more.
  • I enjoyed writing this short piece about Why I Love My Neighborhood, and I invite you to think and comment on that topic over there.
  • Finally, I closed with my ultimate NYC guide last week. Here are Parts 1 and 2.
  • For a complete list of all New York City posts, click here.


With that, I’m off to Milwaukee, WI. It’ll a brand new adventure and I can’t wait. Thanks for reading along during my time in New York and you can be sure I’ll have a whole new batch of insights in the coming month.

Photo credit: My friend Matthew Morriss


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